Opidopious! (2018)

This album is named after an awesome word that my friend Shoy invented:

"Opidopious (oh-pee-DOE-pee-us): to be exceptionally oneself; authentic."

A mix of traditional tunes and originals by Kate Romain.

Recorded January 2018, on a stormy day in a community-pool-turned-livingroom in Victoria BC.

Recording/mixing by Adam Cantor -- Woodshop Records

Photo credit: Soaring Scavengers

Tunes at the Woodshop (2017)

Kate & Kait play a live series of tunes in a wood shop in Victoria, BC.

Recorded by pro Adam Cantor of Woodshop Records!


So grateful we are.

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An old song Kate's parents used to sing, from the Rise Up Singing folk songbook. They wrote the second verse to go along with one of their interactive childrens' puppet shows!


Filmed in January 2018, during the recording of her album Opidopious.


Performed in a friend's living room in Victoria BC.


Video by Jay Jondale.


Sound recording and mixing by Adam Cantor.


A fun klezmer crowd-participation moment at a Speakeasy event at the MINT in Victoria, BC.


July 5th 2018


VIDEO CREDIT Clever Gull Crowductions